Advantages of Curved Roofs

Curved roofsI think you might have got bored by using flat roofs. Do you feel like it is common and your house look like box due to flat roof. Many of the times, these flat roofs also seem like hot box and even problems of leaking roof arises. For overcoming this sloping RCC is good but still it needs to be finished with tiles on the top of the roof. But by doing so you are creating a new roof on the existing roof and that leads to extra expenditure and cost. Length is the base for the rise of the roof slope so the longer the room, higher is the height of the roof.

There are so many houses which have an extremely impressive external sloping roof, but when coming to internal its appearance is so much out of scale that designers are pressurized to suggest a loft up only to have the bearable height.

Seeing the above situation, roof having a curve just like the segment of a circle are helpful in many ways. Even if it is started at the lowest point it can still retain the higher height by gently curving up and then going flat at the point where roof meets the wall. Here we can roof curved in the front area and then it goes flat in the back and it usually stays for a large period. Thus it results in smaller rooms looking fully curved.

Orientation matters

Curved roofing offers many of the cooling advantages. The level of heat getting into your home depends upon the sun rays angle where the direct sun rays generate more heat where as the angular sun rays reflect the heat resulting into the home to stay cooler. This results in saving your cost of electricity as less it needs les efforts to cool down the home. Thus curved roofs are energy saver and cost saver. The level of solar heat is maximum, before and after that period it is cooler. So roofs can also be designed according to the degree of roof heat and having slopes according to it.

Heat transmission

Flat roofs are more prone to the heat. Flat roofs are more likely for long hours to get direct sun rays as compared to other types of roofing. Thus flat roofs cause to keep home hotter inspite of keeping it cooler. Whereas in case of curved roofs, it receives least sun rays and that too for short period of time and keep your home away from excessive heat of sun. Only a small portion of the curve would be receiving direct sunlight and the other portions receive sunlight in an angular manner.

Tiled looks

The look of curved roof is very elegant. It is visible to all from far away. The slopes and tiles installed on it is clearly visible and gives a good aesthetic effect. In flat roofs, you cannot see the tiles installation from far away. Thus tie installation goes in vain as it does not give that good look effect.