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How To Make Your Kitchen Clean In 15 Minutes

Cleaning kitchen in 15 minutesAny place in the house can stay clean but kitchen is such a place which has meant to get dirty. It is not possible that you kitchen is clean and clear even after cooking. Any person makes the dirty while cooking. Kitchen is by far considered to be the most messy room in the whole house and making your kitchen clean is a big headache as so many things have been messed. Many of the times you have to go out after cooking or have to rush to office in that case you have to leave your kitchen messy. But here are some of the tips using which you can make your kitchen clean in 15 minutes. Follow these tips properly and you will be able to make your kitchen clean in 15 minutes.

  • Clean all the clutter

For making your kitchen clean in 15 minutes, first and foremost thing you need to do is cleaning all the clutter. If there are any wrappers or dirty dishes or any scraps of food on your counters then collect them all and put them in your sink or the dishwasher or the trash. Keep in mind that you have to make your kitchen clean in 15 minutes and hence you need to do this with little bit speed. You cannot make your kitchen clean in 15 minutes if you have bunch of junk lying in the middle of the cleaning process.

  • Hit on the sink

The second step to make your kitchen clean in 15 minutes is to clean the sink. Make sure you clean your sink first before you clean your counter tops as while washing the dishes you might splash the water on the countertops and make it dirty anyway. Thus to reduce two time cleaning and making your kitchen clean in 15 minutes wash all the dirty dishes and load them all in the dishwasher if you have one. If you have such dishes which needs heavy cleaning then before starting anything you must soak it in the hot water mixed with dishwashing liquid so that it will not take much of your time while making your kitchen clean in 15 minutes.

  • Spray your countertops and gas stove

Even if every single thing in your kitchen is cle4an and tidy but a stove which is covered with crusty food which is dried up makes your kitchen look really dirty. Thus remove your burner grates and as you have to make your kitchen clean in 15 minutes, don’t clean the burner right now, just spray the cleaner on the stove top and let it sit there for few minutes. Meanwhile clean the countertops and cabinets and then clean the gas stove with a damp cloth. Set the stove gates again on the gas.

  • Final touches

Once you are done with everything while making your kitchen clean in 15 minutes, it’s the time for final touch. Clean the appliances and the refrigerator and take a look if there is anything which is left unclean then give it a light hand.


How To Sterilize Kitchen Sponges

Sterilize Kitchen SpongesIt would definitely not be wrong to say that a kitchen is almost incomplete with kitchen sponges. These sponges are essentially cleaning supplies which are widely used to clean dishes, clear off spills and clean kitchen appliances. Kitchen sponges consist of squishy polyurethane foam to absorb liquid and at the same time maintain shape. Since the sponges are used for cleaning purposes they can harbor microbes, viruses and harmful pathogens. If these sponges are not sterilized then it can result in many food borne diseases like Hepatitis and Salmonella. So, it is advised that you sterilize your kitchen sponges once a week, thereby creating a healthier kitchen environment. Sterilizing the kitchen sponges properly will also ensure that any kind of contamination does not spread.

Kitchen sponge sterilization tips

To sterilize your kitchen sponges effectively you will need cool water, microwave and a microwave safe bowl.

• First rinse the sponges thoroughly to get rid of the loose food grime and debris. The excess liquid has to be wringed out of the sponges.

• Put ½ cup of cool water in a microwave safe bowl and put the sponges inside the bowl.

• Your next step will be to put the bowl inside the microwave oven and crank up the temperature to the highest heat setting. This should be done for at least a couple of minutes. Make sure that you operate the microwave oven according to the manufacturer’s user manual.

• Let the bowl cool down completely before you take it out of the microwave oven.

• Set the bowl aside so that the water in it cools down completely.

• Once the water in the bowl has cooled down you can take out the sponges. They are now completely sterilized and you can use them safely without having to worry about your health.

Kitchen remodeling ideas

Kitchen remodeling ideasKitchen remodeling happens to be a very important part and parcel of a major home renovation initiative. If you are working on a home renovation process it is this particular segment of your house which must not be neglected. You need to be very cautious as you work on designs and planning of the kitchen. You need to offer a touch of glow to the kitchen space keeping its usability part intact. In case you are wondering how to accomplish the objective then here is enlightenment on the issue.

• Go for wooden cabinets- To begin with, you can make it a point to focus on the basics of the kitchen, the cabinets assume a great role of significance. So focus on renovating the cabinets first. You can choose to go for wooden cabinets without any qualms. They will make for great adornments for the kitchen space.
• Apply tantalizing color trends- in order to make your kitchen space look stylishly different you can choose to apply tantalizing color trends. In this connection you have to make some research. Check out the color trends which kind of rock the market. Choose colors that agree well with the overall décor of the kitchen.
• Do something with the lighting- It is really important for you to do something with the lighting of the kitchen. Make it a point that you are going to pick up lighting combinations which are soothing for the eyes. Don’t go for something which is too dazzling. With proper lighting arrangements you can make a utilitarian place such as the kitchen glow like a shining penny.

The ideas that have just been shared will do the needful to enliven the kitchen space of yours. Make it sure that they are implemented in the right manner. It is better if you hire a pro for the job.

Essential Utensils And Appliances For The Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances, kitchen UtensilsKitchen is probably the busiest part of the home. Since the days of our grandmothers’ the modern kitchen has travelled a long way. Kitchen appliances in 1950’s were considered luxury goods but in the modern times, commonly speaking these are taking huge steps towards being necessity goods. A good kitchen ought to have the most essential utensils and appliances to make cooking hassle free and in no time.

A good collection of kitchen utensils like juicers, graters, cutting knives, strainers, cutting boards, kitchen shears, flour sifter, ladles, ramekins, pepper mill, salt shaker, rolling pin, rotary beater, etc. make it simple to cook many recipes. Some of the essential appliances are a stand mixer for mixing, whipping and kneading, a blender for making smoothies, sauces and mixing drinks, a microwave for quick-cooking, thawing or reheating and lastly a food processor for multipurpose and multi-tasking kitchen appliance that is most demanded in every kitchens.

Ideas For Your Kitchen Countertops

Material for kitchen countertops, kitchen counter topsAn ideal way to liven up any kitchen is by decorating it and ensuring that your desire to work in the kitchen sustains rather than it diminishing very soon. Understandably so, the kitchen is the second place in the house which has the tendency of getting dirty very fast after the bathroom and hence it is very important to keep it clean and hygienic. And one of the best ways of doing so is by installing kitchen countertops.

There are innumerable patterns and varieties of kitchen countertops available with marble being one of the most common. The use of marble stone exemplifies class and elegance and it also makes cooking an enjoyable experience. These marble countertops are usually white but there are various colored marbles that can also be used. Apart from stone, one can also use wooden countertops for the kitchen and give the kitchen a whole new look and feel.

How To Choose A Kitchen Sink

Tips to select sinks for kitchen, kitchen sinksConfused regarding what kind of kitchen sink to choose? Well, this article will surely provide you with tips how to go for the right one. The first and foremost thing that you need to remember is that the kitchen sink must perfectly match with the rest of the décor. For example, for a modern kitchen, go for a sink of stainless steel. For an old fashioned one, apron front, Belfast model or farmhouse design model suits best.

You must first select the countertop of the kitchen and then choose the sink and the cabinet. Another thing you must consider is that what kind of utensils are used for washing and then decide whether you must opt for single basin or double basin. If you wash big pots regularly, then it is better to go for a big basin and a small basin by the side. However, proper drainage system must also be made to dispose the garbage properly. Lastly, consider your personal taste first.

Greco-Roman Styles of Kitchen Décor

Kitchen decor tips, kitchenThe Greco Roman style comprises of elegant and classy furniture. Basically the furniture of Greek Roman is very simple and traditional. The furniture used in the kitchen decoration is very heavy and simple. The natural curve of the furniture in the Greek Roman style shows decadence and luxury. The furniture used in this style is of higher quality. The fabric used in the furniture is very thick and lush. The fabric should be chosen that is more textual and typical in pattern.

The color of the furniture used in the Greek Roman style is neutral like cranberry accent or darker green. Moreover you can decorate your kitchen with ornate frames, portraits of Greco – Roman style and landscapes. The lightning of the kitchen should also be in Greco – Roman style. You may get fixtures of this style in any of the store in the market. A combination of these things will actually make your kitchen reflect the Greco – Roman style.

5 must have home appliances to make your kitchen work as simple as possible

kitchen décor,kitchen careThe kitchen is probably one of the most important rooms in the house. Most of us will agree to the fact that the kitchen is where most of the time is spent in order to make meals for the entire family and for guests. If you are working in the kitchen every single day, then there are a few appliances that you just cannot do without.

Here is a list of the five most appliances that can make your kitchen work as simple as possible:

1)      The Mixer cum Grinder: the mixer and grinder is present at any home. Be it to grind down harder foods substances to dust or to make a superb paste of spices, it is always at your service.

2)      The Oven: no meal is complete without you having to bake a single thing. Baked food is healthy and cooks fast, making cooking simpler for you.

3)      The Griller: For grilling all your chicken and breads for sandwiches and hotdogs.

4)      The Dishwasher: After the meal is done and eaten, nothing makes you happier then a dishwasher waiting to clean up everything after you.

5)      The refrigerator: the wonder machine that keeps your dessert cool and stores any extra amount of food till it’s time to cook.