Information to Get From Your Roofing Contractor before Hiring

Roofing ContractorThe level of importance of roofer is not a bit lower than the roof itself. Thus you must be fully sure regarding the person you are hiring for your roof. A poor roof can lead you to big troubles. The cost of repairs and maintenance can increase a lot if the job is not done properly. Poor job can also lead to leaks which mean more financial loss along with the loss of time. Thus before hiring any of the roofing contractors you should grab some of the information from him. Here are some of the questions you should ask your roofing contractor before hiring him.

  • What’s the full name of his company along with the physical address

Ask in detail the full name of the company of your roofer and the full name of his company. Also take the full physical address of the company so that you can visit him in case of any of the issue. If they are4 using post office box then take the physical address of that also. If the roofing company you are dealing with is not having a physical address then it’s a matter of issue. You should not concern such a company which is not having physical location instead shift to another which has physical location.

  • Ask about the insurance

The roofing contractor you are approaching must have the workmen’s compensation and the liability insurance which should protect the homeowner in case any accident happens. Workmen compensation protects the homeowner in case there is any injury and liability gives a protection from damaged which is caused by the roofer at the time of repair or replacement. There is no workmen compensation, there the owner of the house will be responsible for the accident that happens and he would have to pay the medical bill and other expenses.  Your home insurance will not be covering these things thus you will be personally liable for all the expense of the injury so if you want to stay away from all this then ask about the insurance.

  • Ask about the use of roofing sub contractors

Ask your roofing contractor whether he is going to appoint any of the sub contractor and whether any task of your roof is going to be performed by the sub contractor. If there is sub contractor involved then ask the same questions to the sub contractors and don’t forget to ask about the insurance policy of the employees.

  • Ask about the roofing contractor license

Question your roofing contractor whether he possess the license given by the state or city. The need of license is differs from state to state. There are several cities which require the contractors to be licensed. Thus check out whether this rule is applicable in your area or not. If it is make sure your roofer possess that license. Also check with the nearby licensing office whether the license of roofer you are opting for is up to date or not without any kind of violation.