Flat Roofing System: Its Types Pros and Cons

Flat roofsFlat roofing system has mainly three kinds. These three includes built up roofs, Modified Bitumen and single ply roofs. Each flat roofing system is designed to protect the roof from rain, heat and snowfall. It helps to prevent the damage to the roof which can be caused from mold, leaks and rot which can lead you to a great expense. Here is the study of three materials which can help you to decide which one to opt and which not to.

  • Built-up-roof

Built-up-roofs were the most common and preferred roofing system before the evolution of single ply roofing system. It is a very damage proof material as it applies multiple layering of tar and gravel over the roof to create a watertight seal. Some of the advantages of the built-up-roofs, so that you can analyze it properly.

  • Tried and true

It is very old method so there is no chance of experimentation. Roofers has been using this system of roofing since 100 years. Thus it is trustworthy.

  • Thick coverage

This roofing offers lot of layering. Thus your home stays protected if one layer gets damaged. Thus you are always sure about your roofs safety as it is multilayered.

  • Highly resistant

This material is durable and keeps you away from the extra maintenance expenses. It’s surface is durable against normal wear and tear.

  • Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen was introduced in the mid 1970s. It is nothing but roofing sheets which are made up of asphalt which is advanced with rubber or plastic which gives higher stretch and flexibility. Modified bitumen is installed in multiple layers. Generally it is installed upto 3 layers . Hot air welders are used for joining the material seams which helps in creating a watertight system. It can be also used as a cap on BUR roofing system and this roofing is also known as hybrid roof system. Some of the benefits of modified bitumen for better analysis.

  • Uniformity

There is a remarkable uniformity in the thickness of this material. The reason behind this quality of uniformity is that it is prepared under the tight control of quality.

  • Wider temperature range

It is a special quality of modified bitumen that it can bear extreme temperature changes. It is able to manage extreme rise or fall in temperature. It is better as compared to Built-up-roofs.

  • Single ply roofs

In case of single ply roofs, a layer of sheet or plastic membrane is rolled over the roof surface and then it is welded together by using hot air tools. It results in creation of permanent watertight covering which saves the roof from leaks. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Consistent product quality

Single ply material is prepared in such a way to match up the strict quality standards apart from those used in BUR’s.

  • Ease in installation

The process of installation used in this type of material is really easy and speedy.

  • Energy efficient

This material is very environment friendly. It offers light colors which are generally energy efficient. These colors are cool thus saving your HVAC costs.

  • Light weighted

It is light weighted and thus suits well in today’s construction designs which needs more flexibility.



Information to Get From Your Roofing Contractor before Hiring

Roofing ContractorThe level of importance of roofer is not a bit lower than the roof itself. Thus you must be fully sure regarding the person you are hiring for your roof. A poor roof can lead you to big troubles. The cost of repairs and maintenance can increase a lot if the job is not done properly. Poor job can also lead to leaks which mean more financial loss along with the loss of time. Thus before hiring any of the roofing contractors you should grab some of the information from him. Here are some of the questions you should ask your roofing contractor before hiring him.

  • What’s the full name of his company along with the physical address

Ask in detail the full name of the company of your roofer and the full name of his company. Also take the full physical address of the company so that you can visit him in case of any of the issue. If they are4 using post office box then take the physical address of that also. If the roofing company you are dealing with is not having a physical address then it’s a matter of issue. You should not concern such a company which is not having physical location instead shift to another which has physical location.

  • Ask about the insurance

The roofing contractor you are approaching must have the workmen’s compensation and the liability insurance which should protect the homeowner in case any accident happens. Workmen compensation protects the homeowner in case there is any injury and liability gives a protection from damaged which is caused by the roofer at the time of repair or replacement. There is no workmen compensation, there the owner of the house will be responsible for the accident that happens and he would have to pay the medical bill and other expenses.  Your home insurance will not be covering these things thus you will be personally liable for all the expense of the injury so if you want to stay away from all this then ask about the insurance.

  • Ask about the use of roofing sub contractors

Ask your roofing contractor whether he is going to appoint any of the sub contractor and whether any task of your roof is going to be performed by the sub contractor. If there is sub contractor involved then ask the same questions to the sub contractors and don’t forget to ask about the insurance policy of the employees.

  • Ask about the roofing contractor license

Question your roofing contractor whether he possess the license given by the state or city. The need of license is differs from state to state. There are several cities which require the contractors to be licensed. Thus check out whether this rule is applicable in your area or not. If it is make sure your roofer possess that license. Also check with the nearby licensing office whether the license of roofer you are opting for is up to date or not without any kind of violation.



How To Sterilize Kitchen Sponges

Sterilize Kitchen SpongesIt would definitely not be wrong to say that a kitchen is almost incomplete with kitchen sponges. These sponges are essentially cleaning supplies which are widely used to clean dishes, clear off spills and clean kitchen appliances. Kitchen sponges consist of squishy polyurethane foam to absorb liquid and at the same time maintain shape. Since the sponges are used for cleaning purposes they can harbor microbes, viruses and harmful pathogens. If these sponges are not sterilized then it can result in many food borne diseases like Hepatitis and Salmonella. So, it is advised that you sterilize your kitchen sponges once a week, thereby creating a healthier kitchen environment. Sterilizing the kitchen sponges properly will also ensure that any kind of contamination does not spread.

Kitchen sponge sterilization tips

To sterilize your kitchen sponges effectively you will need cool water, microwave and a microwave safe bowl.

• First rinse the sponges thoroughly to get rid of the loose food grime and debris. The excess liquid has to be wringed out of the sponges.

• Put ½ cup of cool water in a microwave safe bowl and put the sponges inside the bowl.

• Your next step will be to put the bowl inside the microwave oven and crank up the temperature to the highest heat setting. This should be done for at least a couple of minutes. Make sure that you operate the microwave oven according to the manufacturer’s user manual.

• Let the bowl cool down completely before you take it out of the microwave oven.

• Set the bowl aside so that the water in it cools down completely.

• Once the water in the bowl has cooled down you can take out the sponges. They are now completely sterilized and you can use them safely without having to worry about your health.

Trendy garden sheds

Trendy garden shedsA garden shed often comes in handy to store things which you normally cannot keep at home. With the recent developments there are various designs which have come up in garden sheds and they look really nice after getting installed. It would also be affordable and since they come in a wide range of materials you would not have a hard time deciding to choose which one would be best for your garden. Given below are the latest trends in garden sheds which you can choose from:

• Metal sheds- they are strong and have the ability to withstand heavy impacts. Metal sheds are generally made from corrugated galvanized steel so that they can prevent the corrosive effects of water and air. It is always wise to choose a heavy metal in this case so that they do not dent easily. To pick the best, durable metal, use Armstrong Steel building kits.

• Wooden sheds- they are more eco friendly and inexpensive to install and are seen in most of the houses these days. They can be formed from the lumberyards or from scrap wood. It easily blends with the look of the house and ensures that it looks good after installation. One thing that you should remember is you must not use untreated wood as they are prone to insect activities and may rot quickly.

• Plastic sheds- they are mainly PVC based sheds and are cheaper than most of the other garden sheds. They would never corrode or attract pests and they can be used for a long time. They do not dent or chip fast and is easy to install.

• Asbestos sheds- although they look good after installation they are not preferred by most people because they involve health issues. The dust that comes from asbestos is harmful for the body. They are popular for their durability and designs and are found in old houses.

Converting your bedroom into a romantic place

romantic bedroom designThere is nothing better than having a romantic sensuous bedroom space. After all, the most intimate room in the house is the bedroom. But at times trying to make your bedroom look romantic can turn out the wrong way and look cheesy or plain cheap. Below are some tips that should make your bedroom more romantic, keeping everything in good taste.

Light and Colours

Light and colours can create the mood not just for your bedroom but any room. Use warmer colours to heat it up a bit. Choose paint shades like pink, red, chocolate brown, peach and burgundy. These dark shades are said to increase passion and a sense of connection. You can go all bold with dark shades, or calm it down a bit with soft romantic colours with wall art, area rugs or throw pillows.
Avoid bright lights which create strong shadows. Go subtle with the lights. A chandelier might be the best option. But do not forget to install a dimmer switch.


Comfort and luxury are the major factors when it comes to your bedroom’s linens. You want your bed to be the most comfortable it can be, and for that buy the best quality linens in your budget. Search for cotton blends between 300 to 350. Remember that your sheets can at times play an even more important role than your mattress itself. So invest smartly in them. Decorate the bed with cushions and pillows that match your sheet, but colours like maroon and peach can do wonders.

Minute details

An ornamental picture frame with your partner’s picture in it, a bunch of fresh flowers filling up the room with fragrance, scented candles and reed diffusers increasing the passionate mood, a wine holder with a fresh bottle of wine put in it for every special night, these are details which can work wonders in making your bedroom more romantic. Go creative, use your own ideas since there is no textbook, keep and partner’s choices in mind and bring back the passion in life.

Antique Furniture for Decorating Living Room

Antique FurnitureLiving room is usually the room in your home in which your guests are entertained and where family gatherings take place. In accordance with this utility of the living room, you have to decorate it so that the room looks welcoming and cozy to any of your guests at all times. Beautify your living room in such a way so that it looks mesmerizing and the décor accessories you utilize should have a soothing effect on not only your guests but also you.

One décor accessory that you can use to decorate your living room is antique furniture. Antique furniture gets a lot of acclamation because of the splendor and creativity related to it. Living room antique furniture is generally considered to be invaluable and rightly so because these have been manufactured years and years ago.
You can get hold of the complete antique living room furniture sets. But these sets are usually very expensive. However, if you can afford the antique furniture sets then you should go ahead and invest in them. On the other hand, if you cannot invest much money in antique furniture sets then you can purchase the furniture pieces separately.

Antique furniture is sold at local antique stores. But these antique stores generally sell living room antique furniture at prices that are extremely high. Therefore the wise move on your part would be to check out the online furniture stores as these will offer a variety of antique furniture pieces that also at competitive prices. Online auctions related to antique furniture for living room are also held. Thus you can check out the auctions as well.

Your living room’s look will be totally transformed for the better if you decide to utilize antique furniture to decorate it and it will also get a traditional yet classy look. Remember that antique furniture has a lot of aesthetic value.

Kitchen remodeling ideas

Kitchen remodeling ideasKitchen remodeling happens to be a very important part and parcel of a major home renovation initiative. If you are working on a home renovation process it is this particular segment of your house which must not be neglected. You need to be very cautious as you work on designs and planning of the kitchen. You need to offer a touch of glow to the kitchen space keeping its usability part intact. In case you are wondering how to accomplish the objective then here is enlightenment on the issue.

• Go for wooden cabinets- To begin with, you can make it a point to focus on the basics of the kitchen, the cabinets assume a great role of significance. So focus on renovating the cabinets first. You can choose to go for wooden cabinets without any qualms. They will make for great adornments for the kitchen space.
• Apply tantalizing color trends- in order to make your kitchen space look stylishly different you can choose to apply tantalizing color trends. In this connection you have to make some research. Check out the color trends which kind of rock the market. Choose colors that agree well with the overall décor of the kitchen.
• Do something with the lighting- It is really important for you to do something with the lighting of the kitchen. Make it a point that you are going to pick up lighting combinations which are soothing for the eyes. Don’t go for something which is too dazzling. With proper lighting arrangements you can make a utilitarian place such as the kitchen glow like a shining penny.

The ideas that have just been shared will do the needful to enliven the kitchen space of yours. Make it sure that they are implemented in the right manner. It is better if you hire a pro for the job.

Liven up your kid’s chamber

kid’s chamberAre you planning a nice décor for your kid’s chamber? Decorating the little one’s room is always a lot of fun and ensures a close bonding between parents and the child as they sit together to come up with a master décor plan. The article here is brief discussion on how to do up the kiddo’s den.

Let’s start with the colors. Lids love colors and hence you have to bring in lots of eye-popping shades inside the room for a cheerful feel. Yellow would be a nice option here as the color oozes a bright feeling without getting too loud. Another great choice is green- it’s refreshing and full of energy. You can use pink and blue shades as well. Then, lavender is another favorite color for kid rooms. Apart from paint you can get nice wallpapers especially designed for the child room decorations.

Bunk beds are best when it comes to a kid’s room. If you are using the loft beds, you can utilize the floor portion beneath it as a play area. Some interior decorators make a nice tent under the loft bed to create a cozy play zone for the little one and his pals. You can also utilize the area for study. Get cartoon or Disney inspired furnishing for the kiddo’s chamber.

In regards to wall décor, you can get superhero or Disney posters to adorn the wall. Also you put up little drawings made by the junior artist to deck up his own private den. Family photos are another great option for wall décor in a kid’s room.

Storage is an important factor when it comes to a child’s room given their heaps of toys. Thus get tables with a good number of drawers so that you get adequate space to store everything after the little one is tired playing with them.

Vintage lamp shades for room decoration

Vintage lamp shadesIf you are thinking of an easy way to make your house look classy then vintage lamp shades is definitely the way out. The craftsmanship and the unique design of these lamps will surely suit your house. These lamps are available in various colors and fabrics and depending on the craftsman you will get different designs. If you add two to three different vintage lamps in one room then the whole ambience of the room changes. And if think that these lamps are expensive then it is not. It is the other way round. When you are searching for vintage lamp shades then you should also choose the proper lights for them. Take for example if you have chosen a floral design for the lamp shade then it is pretty obvious that you will choose a light color for the light. And if you have chosen a dark lamp shade then it is likely that you will select a dark light for it.

Choosing a vintage lamp also depends on various factors and the first factor is the theme of the room. Since vintage lamps come from different eras that is why it would be better if you choose the theme of the room first. This would help you to choose the perfect vintage lamp for the room. While choosing a good vintage lamp you should notice the details of it such as fringes, braids, beads and also the glass. The trim of the vintage lamps is also an important part that makes the lamps look good. Vintage lamps look best when they are large and are used in spacious rooms such as hall and dining room. However there are many small vintage lamps as well that suit for bedrooms and kitchens and many other rooms.

Which one to go for: blinds, shutters or curtains

Blinds, home decorThere are many ways by which you can decorate your windows. Some people opt for blinds, some go for shutters and curtains are most common in many homes. With so many options available, you can go for any one whichever suits your requirements and tastes the most. Depending on the kind of home you have, you should make your selection. Each one has its own pros and cons and you could also go for a combination of 2 if you want.

Curtains go well with everything and you can go for lacey curtains or velvet or cotton ones too. If you have a large room, heavy, well-decorated vintage styled curtains can look great. If you are going for blinds or shutters, you have a varied number of choices in material selection. You can go for metal, wood or bamboo shutters or blinds for any kind of look and feel.