Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

Garage doorThe largest moving part in your home is probably your garage door and it is that part of your home which is used continuously many times a day and probably in all seasons. If you want to keep your garage door working properly in a good condition for a longer period of time, you need to maintain your garage door. For making your garage door to work for decades then you must take preventive measures and also maintain your garage door in proper and efficient manner. Here are some of the tips which will help you to maintain your garage door.

  • Look and listen

The most essential step which you should take for maintaining your garage door is to make a good observation of your garage door every single time you use it. Does your garage door operate in a silent manner or it makes some scraping or grinding noise? Check out these noises while using your garage door, if you find any this means you need to maintain your garage door.

  • Tighten the hardware

The average garage door moves up and down millions of times in a year which can be considered as a lot of vibration and movement. This much extreme use can loosen up the hardware. Thus if you want to maintain your garage door, you need to tighten up your hardware. Examine all the roller brackets of they are loose tighten them up their bolts by using a socket wrench.

  • Test the balance of garage door

For maintaining your garage door, you must check the balance of your garage door. If the garage door is not appropriately balanced then the garage door opener will have to work much harder and this will decrease the long lasting capacity of the garage door. For maintain your garage door, you must work on this issue. First of all you need to disconnect the opener which will be done by pulling the release handle. After that move the door about half way up manually. If this doesn’t stay up then you can use the counter weight system which are improperly balanced. Spring adjustment of your garage door system is best suited to the hand of the professionals.

  • Replace the rollers

Inspection of rollers must be done at least twice in a year whether they are of steel or nylon. Replacement of rollers must be done once in every seven eras and if your usage is more than it should be done even earlier if you want to maintain your garage door in a proper manner. Cracked, chipped or worn rollers must be replaced as quickly as possible. You can do this removing or reinstalling any of the roller brackets which are not directly connected to the cable system.

  • Lubricate the moving parts

For maintaining your garage door, you must keep your garage door parts greased up which will add more years to the working of your garage door. You can make use of white lithium grease on the openers screw or chain.