Tips To Clean Your Couch


tips of cleaning your couch

Couches are very special furniture of your home. You don’t clean your couch very often. Whenever you think of cleaning your couch, you always prefer any professional help for doing so. You never clean your couch yourself as you think it will ruin your couch. However it is possible to clean your couch yourself without taking any help of professionals and without ruining it. For cleaning your couch without destroying it you need some efficient tips and knowledge about it. The cleaning method of your couch depends upon which type of material you have for your couch. The cleaning method and material for one couch is different from that of the cleaning material and method of another. Some of them are of cotton while some of them are of leather. Cleaning your couch is based on what type of couch you have. Many of them are also very much difficult to clean and if they are cleaned with just the normal cleaner of home chances are there that spots and stains are left on the couch which makes the couch to look really bad. You can use the dry cleaning methods for cleaning your couch and save loss of bucks which you should have spent if you have opted for professional cleaner. Here are some of the steps to clean your couch which would be helpful in cleaning your couch.

  • Find the fabric tag which is there on your couch. This will make you aware about the type of material you have on your couch. Majority of the couch manufacturers will be using letter codes to show you the cleaning method. If there is W on it then it indicates that you can clean your couch with water based cleanings solution. If you see S on the couch then it defines that it needs dry cleaning or any solution which does not contains water. If you see WS then it denotes that you can clean your couch with any of the types either water based or dry. If there is o then it should be cleaned in cold water only with some organic material.
  • Buy the right type of cleaning solution for your couch.
  • Brush off the stagnant dirt which is already present on your couch with the help of a bristle brush. Make sure to clean those areas which are most dirty like armrests or the armrest which will need more focus.
  • Remove the surface dirt from the couch like hairs, food crumbs, pet hairs or any such things from your couch. Take off any such thing even from the corner of the couch. After vacuum the couch so take off all the dry dirt off your couch.
  • After that you can go for cleaning your couch with water or any other solution as specified on your couch.
  • If you have gone for water based cleaning then ensure that you let the couch dry essentially before you take it back in use.